About Us

Dueling Librarians was started by two library students and friends who share a passion and love for reading, albeit very different tastes in books. This site is a result of several verbal battles over the merits of Twilight, or the lack there of, and many other bound volumes written in the English language. These two avid readers and thinkers hope you will enjoy their verbal sparing matches as much as they did writing them.

If you wish to contact either Cynthia or Renee, please send emails to: bookworms@duelinglibrarians.net

Dueling Librarians' reviews are unsolicited and books are chosen by both Cynthia and Renee by pursing one another Good Reads lists. The site is truly a labor of love. All opinions are Cynthia's and Renee's, and reflect no outside loyalties to either authors or publishing companies.

Cynthia is an award-winning writer who spent her formative years in an exceptionally small town surrounded by complementary small mindsets. The melange of exceptionally small, both geographically and philosophically, forced her to find largeness in the pages of book. Here she was able to escape the oppressive heat of California's Central Valley, schoolyard bullies (a tender issue to this day), and philosophical zealots.

This love of books and reading easily translated into a BA in English literature, and like so many English lit. graduates, she pursued a masters degree in Library and Information Science. Cynthia now spends her days in California's Bay Area toddler chasing, writing, designing websites, and tinkering away with Dueling Librarians. Check out Cynthia's personal website at CynthiaVarady.net

Renee grew up halfway between snow-capped mountains and monotonous, beige-colored plains. After a childhood spent reading, writing stories, playing in the dirt (because at the time a career in archeology seemed imminent), and romanticizing about the medieval era, she grew up to be a hiking, history-loving, reading and writing fiend. She built on a love of information and research and hauled herself off to library school.

Upon graduation Renee, along with many other MLIS graduates, realized that due to budget cuts many libraries had fewer positions to divvy out between the many qualified candidates. So while she is a librarian by training, Renee works as a freelance writer with dreams of landing that perfect position and publishing a few of the books she’s written along the way. Often the favorite part of her week is duking it out with Cynthia on this website.