Renee and Cyndi would personally like to thank:

Aaron Walz for planting the seed that started this site over lunch after having watched James Cameron's Avatar, and to Rosalyn for agreeing that Aaron was onto something one sunny day in San Francisco over wine and snacks at They Might Be Giants. You are both motivational inspirations.

A huge thanks to Erin Sharpe for so generously transforming the doodle she threw together one afternoon in class when she should have been taking note, into the beautiful banner images on the site today.

Matthew Dalton for holding my hand the entire way through coding this site. He did an amazing job, and continues to be a source of help, ideas, and a trouble shooting genius!

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, a very large thank you to all the writers out there for bringing joy and happiness to readers everywhere.

Happy reading,

     Renee and Cyndi